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This card shop is using the technology and service offered by Send a Smile. For questions about the site or your order, you can contact the Send a Smile customer services team 7 days a week. Customer Service is available here in this contact form. Other contact information:

Send a Smile BV
PO Box 25001
3001 HA Rotterdam - NL
Chamber of Commerce: 24485815
+31 (0) 010-4774032


Not satisfied? You will get your money back!

Send a Smile makes every effort to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the offered services and products. Your greeting cards are printed with the highest quality and posted for your specified date. If you are not satisfied, please return your cards within 7 working days.

If you return your ordered cards within 7 working days to Send a Smile, then the full purchase price will be refunded to your account. Please let us know why you were not satisfied, so we can improve our services.

Please be aware

You are responsible for a number of things:
- The quality of the photos you upload
- Text you place on your card
- The accuracy of the address you specify

Nonetheless, mistakes happen. In this case, please contact Send a Smile as soon as possible. Together we can find a suitable solution.

Just like sending a greeting card in the mail, we’re depending on the US Post Office and their foreign colleagues to ensure accurate delivery time. Accidents may happen during the processing of your order (delay, loss, damage, etc). In the unfortunate event that you experience a problem, contact Send a Smile at your earliest convenience. Send a Smile is not responsible for the delivery, but we will ensure a solution..

Click here for the terms and conditions of Send a Smile. The general conditions are always guiding and binding.